what I do

Manager UI & Web Operations

I work at the intersection of curiosity, reasoning and imagination, which guide me to uncover insights, (re)frame problems and craft meaningful, future-oriented solutions. I am passionate about providing solutions to users by building accessible products. Highly skilled at progressive enhancement, design systems & UI Engineering. Proven experience building successful products for clients across several countries.

I’m probably not the typical designer positioned behind an Illustrator artboard adjusting pixels, but I design. Immersed in stylesheets tweaking font sizes and contemplating layouts is where you’ll find me (~_^). I’m committed to creating fluent user experiences while staying fashionable.

With over a decade of experience in UI, Development, and Product Management, I bring a robust skill set to the table. As a manager, my approach to team management is grounded in agile methodologies, ensuring efficient and collaborative workflows. I am adept at using the right tools and can function independently, delivering fast and resilient solutions optimized for scale. Performance and scalability are always at the forefront of my priorities. My background encompasses a seamless integration of technical expertise and project management acumen, making me a valuable asset capable of steering teams towards success in dynamic and challenging environments.




Awards and Certfications

Awarded "Extra Mile Award" for exceptional teamwork
Product Design, SEO Optimisation, Product Management, UI/UX Design, Project Management, Web Development, Agile Methodologies, Team Management